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Martyn White

Posted on September 23 2014

As the autumn season is in fast approach, many of us are reminiscing over the summer holidays and what once was. It is time to change that wardrobe, get out the scarfs and prepare for the season ahead. With all this going on, there may be one thing that has been overlooked and that is preparation for dining and entertainment. This time of year is the perfect season for entertaining and dining and I want to share with you a brand that knows that better than any other. David Linley, better known now as LINLEY, is a brand that takes Luxury and design to it’s heart. You will not find a product in store that lacks character or beauty and it is this that sets the brand apart from the rest. Using only the finest materials in design, LINLEY has created products that can only be described as exquisite and I, for one would love to own every single one of them. With such an amazing range to choose from, I have painstakingly selected just five key items that will add that touch of luxury to any dining or entertaining event this season.

Luxury Wicker Picnic Basket from LINLEY

Somerset Picnic Hamper – It may be getting cooler outside but Autumn picnics are the best way to enjoy those final days in the park before the cold sets in. Nothing says British better than wrapping yourself up and taking a stroll in the park with a luxury picnic hamper, watching the trees change colour and the leaves fall around you. Whether it is a romantic day out in the park or you are sunning yourself on a yacht in the middle of the ocean, this hamper has it all from crystal champagne flutes to 100% Italian hand-embroider linen. A compact dining set that allows you to take along a little piece of home with you.

Grey Sycamore Cocktail Box from LINLEY

Cocktail Box – Once the picnics are over and it’s time to bring the guests indoors, this cocktail box is the item that will surely impress. Hand crafted with no detail spared, the cocktail set includes all the items needed to serve the perfect cocktail (minus the alcohol) My favourite thing about this set is the fine detailing that has gone into the box such as the chopping board and knife hidden in the secret draw and the mirror at the back of the box etched with cocktail recipes. These are the qualities that make this set one of a kind and a must have luxury accessory for the home.

Crystal Trafalgar decanter from LINLEY

Trafalgar Decanter – A decanter is a staple for home entertaining and dining and from personal experience I understand just how difficult it is to find one that incorporates functionality, beauty and luxury. I have selected the Trafalgar decanter as it has elegance about it. The shape and detailing to the body give it prominence allowing it to stand out at any dinner party. I personally love the detailing to the stopper as this is regularly overlooked when it comes to decanter design. The stopper is made from crystal (as with the body) and rosewood. The top is inlaid with an engravable silver panel that allows for that extra ability to customise. Looking great on a sideboard, table or bar, this decanter is sure to turn heads and add sophistication to any event or evening. There are very few decanters that have such a beauty to them and even fewer that look just as good empty as they would full.

Crystal Trafalgar caviar bowl from LINLEY

Trafalgar Caviar Bowl – If there were to be just one food that represented the finest of dining and entertainment, it would have to be Caviar. What surprises me however, is that there are very few serving bowls to purchase that live up to the standard of this remarkable food. I have selected the Trafalgar Caviar bowl, another selection from the Trafalgar range as my next item to impress the guests whilst dining. The bowl continues the classic Trafalgar look with its walnut base and hand blown lead crystal with defining vertical etchings. The detailing continues into the central caviar bowl itself and is perfected with the addition of the bone spoon. The above image shows this extremely well but the crystal reacting to the ice adds that extra detail to the bowl that reminds us that the bowl is not just about beauty but has function also.

Pocket Love candler set from LINLEY

Pocket Love Candle Set – My final selection from the LINLEY range is a little different from my other key items. I thought it was important to include something classic yet simple that can transform an event. I wanted to include the Pocket Love candle set, as candles are such an easy way to set the mood of an event. The set is presented in a walnut box containing twelve candles and four elegant heart shaped nickel holders. Perfect as a gift, to set the mood for a romantic dinner or for general dining, these candles easily add the final sparkle to an evening. The slimness of the candles really accentuates the detailing on the holders allowing them not to be intrusive on a dining table but still adding that beautiful setting to an event.

Whilst I have only selected five items to talk about, the LINLEY website is full of fantastic products that are all unique and luxurious in their own ways. The business caters for a whole range of services including interior design, private commissions, jewellery and accessories. To discover this fantastic world of luxury, I would recommend visiting the LINLEY website or take a trip to one of their stores to see just how exquisite the products actually are.

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