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Martyn White

Posted on July 14 2015

Discover the incredible LINLEY designs from the Masterpiece 2015 collection, titled "Lightscape" Three iconic designs that represent moments throughout the day.

For this year's Masterpiece Fair, LINLEY created three extraordinary units connected by the inspiration of light. Whilst there are similarities externally, each cabinet is very different internally. Resembling the facade of a building, each design depicts the light reflecting off the glass during different points of the day. Titled Sunrise, Noon and Dusk, the cabinets relate to events suited to that part of the day, creating designs not only visually stunning but also functional and compact for the user.

Davi Linley Lightscape furniture design


Depicting the light and reflections of early morning, Sunrise is the gentleman's vanity cabinet and, what a beautiful experience to wake up to! What I love about the exterior is that you can really see the abstract glow from the sunrise as you walk around the cabinet. Parts of the marquetry glow with a gorgeous orange shimmer whilst the opposite side of the "structure" is shaded in rich blue tones.

LINLEY Sunrise cabinet from the Lightscape collection

Once open, Sunrise takes on a new persona, exposing an assortment of draws, cupboards and feature including watch winders, hidden safes and storage suitable for personal accessories such as belts, ties, cuff links and watches. It was incredibly exciting exploring through the unit as each section opens in a different way or movement, exposing hidden features and surprises the further you look into the design.

LINLEY Lightscape designs for Masterpiece London Sunrise unit


Noon sees movement from the sun casting our structure into shadow against surrounding buildings. There is a tranquillity from the design that contrasts against the busy streets below. The marquetry appears simple and cubed, fewer reflections expose more of the steel detail with the facade itself creating a simple abstract form.

LINLEY Lightscape designs for Masterpiece London Noon Cabinet

Inside the cabinet reveals a stunning home office layout, perfect for organising and containing your days work. Draws contain layouts perfect for stationery, books and paperwork whilst luxurious features include hidden storage, a humidor and a Odyss information device, displaying maps, photographs, video and animations on an elegant mirrored screen.

LINLEY Lightscape designs for Masterpiece London, Noon unit


Nearing the end of our day, the sun has set which transforms our structure once again. This design focuses on the reflections within the building that radiate out through the glass between buildings. There is a richness in this design aided by the use of darker woods such as eucalyptus and sycamore which adds to the drama of the evening, reflected across the design.

LINLEY lights cape designed Duck console

The console is pulled outwards to extend and reveal a full bar set containing all the necessities for sophisticated evening entertainment including the LINLEY Trafalgar crystal range. Mirrored shelving accentuates and reflects the beauty of the crystal designs within the unit, adding a touch of glamour to the already luxurious finish.

LINLEY Lightscape designs for Masterpiece London Dusk console design

I was truly overwhelmed by all three of the designs. I could not hide my amazement when these designs were being demonstrated to me, the depth of detail thought and time that has gone into each cabinet is absolutely remarkable. Masterpiece reaffirms LINLEY as one of the most luxurious designers in the world, and these units have to go down as some of the best yet.

I would like to personally thank LINLEY for inviting me to the Masterpiece Fair 2015 and demonstrating these designs, it was an incredible and inspiring event that I will always remember.

Click HERE to visit the LINLEY website and discover more from these designs. Alternatively, if you would like to visit my events page, you can see my visit to the Masterpiece Fair and personal images from the event.


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