LINLEY launches the Girih Collection

Martyn White

Posted on May 01 2016

LINLEY releases their brand new mesmerising Girih collection, inspired by the beautiful Islamic geometric patterns. Discover the full range from furniture to keyrings.

Over the last few years, I have had such a fascination with Islamic design. There is such a richness and beauty from these incredible and colourful geometric patterns that it almost becomes hypnotic. Inspired by David Linley's travels to the Persian Gulf in 2015, Girih celebrates the beauty and riches of Islamic decorative art through the use of wooden marquetry in captivating sapphire blue and gold tones. Discover the full collection of designs below from large-scale treasure chests to finely cut crystal Topaz. 

Blue islamic inspired luxury furniture design from LINLEY Girth treasure chest furniture

Treasure Chest

The centrepiece of the collection is this incredible and literal treasure chest. In true LINLEY form, no detail or area of design has been left out. The outside of the chest is adorned with deep blue dyed ripple sycamore, sycamore and satin wood, changing in appearance from the bottom of the unit to the top, adding a depth and movement as you glance across the design. The cabinet opens up to reveal a softer and lighter side, using gold and white gold leaf to replicate the exterior design. Split into a series of compartments and drawers perfect for storing jewellery and other sentimental items, details such as the intricate dovetail joinery and precious stone insets to the bronze handles add to the opulent look and feel of this masterpiece. As with many LINLEY furniture items, there is more than meets the eye. The locked central compartment uses a key that is concealed within the cabinetry for safekeeping. 

LINLEY Girih treasure chest furniture design in bright blue

Tumblers - Topaz & Aquamarine

When you feel that you have seen every crystal design, LINLEY release the Girih tumbler collection, a modern and luxurious take on a traditional design. Hand cut and polished by expert glassmakers, these tumblers take approximately four hours each to create. Available in Topaz and Aquamarine, colours inspired by the rich blue and gold hues of the Girih treasure chest, compliment each other perfectly. Whether you chose to mix your collection or stick to one colour, the Girih tumblers are sure to make a statement and attract the eye. 

Luxury glassware from LINLEY hand cut and created designs from the Girih collection

Trinket Box 

The whole Girih collection embraces the natural beauty of each material used. The combination of textures, colours and finishes all collaborate in creating objects of exceptional grace and style. The Trinket Box continues the iconic Girih geometric pattern and marquetry whilst setting it into a walnut frame. Constructed in three parts, there are two storage levels that have been divided into smaller sections for larger and smaller items. 

Beautiful blue islamic inspired jewellery and trinket box Girih collection from LINLEY

Candle Set 

Extracting the gold eight-point star pattern that has inspired the entire Girih collection yet removing the rich blues has created an entirely different look for the candle set. Made of Limoges porcelain, the gold pattern detailing has been hand painted, adding luxury and character to each design. The candles come as a set of two and have a beautiful white jasmine aroma to fill the surrounding space. 

LINLEY London luxury candle set of Islamic inspired geometric gold hand painted print

Ebury Tassel Keyring - Royal Blue & Taupe

As I have mentioned on many an occasion, something I love about LINLEY is the depth of detail and planning involved in each product. Items are not created for the sake of filling a space, they are created with a story and development behind each product. Something as small and decorative as a keyring has a luxury in every aspect of its creation, something that is often lost with many brands. The Ebury Tassel keyring is a perfect example of this, made from the finest Royal Blue and Taupe Nappa leather, a keyring may not be the first item to come to mind when shopping for a luxury item but the quality and craftsmanship adds a small piece of luxury to an item that we use on a daily basis. 

LINLEY Gift accessory key ring from the Girih collection

Once again LINLEY has created a breathtaking collection with a rich story behind it. I would never expect anything less than perfection from this brand and they have lived up to this standard for over thirty years. I look forward to seeing what this iconic brand has planned for the next thirty.


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