LINLEY: Landmark Design

Martyn White

Posted on May 21 2015

The intricate and luxurious marquetry designs from LINLEY. Introducing their latest jewellery box design, London Landmark. 

The LINLEY brand is one that never ceases to amaze me. Fresh ideas, ultimate luxury with unparalleled designs, they are one of the very few names in furniture design that create a unique depth to their products and designs. Not only do the items look great, they are rich in quality and craftsmanship to expose every element and use of the design.

LINLEY London landmark jewellery box blue mar

This May hosted the incredible London Craft Week, where a huge array of prestigious brands revealed just how much talent, time and skills are invested in such works and designs. LINLEY took centre stage with a marquetry demonstration of the exquisite London Landmark jewellery box imaged above.

Linley marquetry detailing jewellery box

Marquetry is essentially painting with wood, applying pieces of veneer to create decorative patterns, designs or pictures. The Landmark jewellery box is a personal favourite of mine as it combines so many things that I love in life. The design celebrates the heart of London and I love that it combines new and old pieces of architecture in this stunning scene on the top of the box.

LINLEY luxury craft and construction

Personally, the combination of architectural times and styles not only refers to London's rich history of development, it also refers to the trade of marquetry and LINLEY design in general. Using skills and craftsmanship that have been around for hundreds of years to create new items and designs is incredibly inspiring, especially when we are at a time that other brands around are looking for the cheapest alternatives for a lower quality product.

LINLEY London landmark marquetry detailing Tower Bridge

This is an example of LINLEY's dedication and passion for the finished product, putting luxury and quality above all else. With their hearts firmly embedded in the design, they will always be that brand that amazes and surprises people, they will always be the brand that inspires me the most.

The London Landmark jewellery box is constructed of dark stained walnut with a marquetry inlay, using hand dyed veneers of grey and blue eucalyptus, black sycamore and grey ripple sycamore. Mother of pearl has been used to highlight and add iridescence to the finish. The box is available as a humidor or a jewellery box. To find out further details, please visit the LINLEY website.



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