Lexus Design Event 2018

Martyn White

Posted on May 03 2018

The theme for the 2018 Lexus Design Event was 'Limitless CO- Existence' Taking visitors on an immersive journey designed by architect Sota Ichikawa.

As with this year's Lexus Design Award, the theme is 'CO-' meaning with or together in harmony. Limitless CO- Existence has been created by Japanese architect Sota Ichikawa, taking visitors on an immersive journey of design and discovery through a series of experiences before being introduced to the design award finalists. Hosted throughout the entirety of Salone del Mobile, its location at Museo Nationale della Scienza della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci was the fitting choice to host an exhibition and brand so forward thinking and evolutionary with design, a truly unforgettable experience.

Clear Your Mind

The journey started with a walk to clear the mind, following an abstract barrier that connected two spaces together. Whilst walking, wisps of air can be heard travelling at speed past visitors as if directing you to the destination. Taking deep breaths with a clear mind, it was time exchange the bright light of the Milanese sun with the dark enclosed surroundings of the 'Focus' tunnel as guests make their way through to the first experience area to prepare the senses.

Prepare Your Senses 

The first area to encounter contained two circular platforms, each containing glistening lollipops, capturing the light from a laser in the very centre. The lollies had not only been set out in a way that they spelt out this year's theme 'CO-' but in a way that they could all capture and sparkle from one single laser light, representing a single force and unity. Guests were invited to take a lolly for themselves with the signature aroma of Bergamot to heighten the senses for the main installation 'Believe In Limitless'.

Believe In Limitless 

"Imagine if we could all co-exist in harmony. Where each individual can be their own centre, yet part of the whole. Where not one is in the shadows. It seems impossible - until you design a solution." In this area, visitors are greeted by thousands of strands of light, simultaneously moving up and down to change the perspective of the room. Sota Ichikawa programmed a computer to precisely position the 12,000 strings and control the movement of the centrally located laser. The result is a seemingly random light pattern illuminating the “individual” strings so they CO-exist in the light, yet cast no shadows around them. Each hanging vertical string is simultaneously illuminated by the one single light source, an impressive feat of design, something that appears almost impossible achieved through careful calculation and planning. 

Understanding - Different View

Leaving the installation, guests were welcomed back into the light with an area to learn and understand about design and innovation. Looking through a porthole into the future, a video plays to show the internal design and plans for a Lexus car. "Like the far side of the moon that can never be been seen, objects only reveal what is visible from a given viewpoint. Just as in creating a map from a globe, plotting a three-dimensional object into two dimensions enables us to appreciate its essence in all its fullness." the video fades away to reveal the real a real car, parked in front of the spectators as seen in the video below. 


For further details and information from this year's Lexus Design Event, click to view the official Lexus events page of the exhibition via the link. 


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