Lelievre Paris: Collection 22

Martyn White

Posted on August 25 2017

Lelievre Paris launch Collection 22, a series of fabrics, patterns and textures to tantalise the senses.

Lelievre Paris launches their latest collection of elegant fabrics and patterns this season at the Chelsea Design Centre, enabling designers to transform furniture, upholstery and drapery into elegant focal points full of character and charm. The latest collection is titled Numero 22 and was conceived from a moment of contemplation, a peaceful journey that merges soft textures shapes and patterns to tantalise the senses and invoke memories of joyful times.Consisting of eleven unique pattern designs and available in multiple colours, I share with you just a few of my favourite designs from this season's incredible collection.

Lelievre Paris Corridor CollectionLelievre Paris Corridor Colour Collection


Timeless in design, Corridor's soft pastel tones married with clean black and white lines create an elegant diamond design pattern with an incredible presence to a room. The style is reminiscent of the typical graphic designs often associated with cement tiles. This wide-width fabric offers the style and shine of a taffeta and the ten selections of colours from pastel pink to striking red make Corridor Ideal for curtains, wall hangings and feature accessories.

Lelievre Paris Palma vibrant floral collectionPalma Fabric Collection Colours from Lelievre Paris


This season's staple print is Palma, an exotic collage of colourful foliage to create a beautiful new camouflage style print. Elegant satin provides a glossy, shiny feel like shimmering plants of a dense and tropical rainforest.The large pattern match is from selvedge to selvedge which makes it suitable for all projects, large and small. Chairs, curtains, wall hangings and home accessories can be transformed into eye catching features for a home that is looking for a vibrant injection of character.

Lelievre Paris Sauvage Fabric CollectionLelievre Paris Sauvage Colour Collection


Uniting exotic animal prints with foliage and mineral influences from the ocean to create the Sauvage collection.The natural cotton look of the fabric has been reinforced with a variety of gentle tones that represent the land and the sea. Red marbles, Sienna clays and ocean blues each add layers and depth to the design whilst the crossed thread detail adds a texture that pleads to be touched. Ideal for curtains, chairs, coverings and accessories.

Lelievre Paris Maracas Fabric CollectionLelievre Paris Maracas Fabric Collection


Maracas is a colourful combination of matte chenille weft with a fine lustrous thread. The black thread creates a bold contrast between the colours and completes the fabric's design beautifully. This is another collection that begs to be touched as the texture is incredibly rounded and soft. The range of nine natural and mineral shades offers both an ethnic and fruitful finish. Maracas is Ideal for Hard-wearing chairs, curtains and accessories and its multi-tonal thread finish allows it to stand by itself or paired with other bold colours and decorative patterns.

Lelievre Paris Optical Illusion Ceramic CollectionLelievre Paris Ceramic Fabric Colour Collection


Vivid colour selections with a cotton-soft feel, Ceramic is a classic optical illusion design with a contemporary twist. Focusing on textured surfaces, the fabric transforms under different lights, reflecting off the 3D fabric design. Available in twelve colour options from mesmerising blue and purple to soft and subtle mocha, the design can be combined with plain materials, to add layering to a multi-tonal room. Alternatively, it can also be used alongside more spectacular patterns to create the ultimate statement piece.

Lelivre Paris Antica Fabric CollectionLelivre Paris Antica Colour Collection


A gentle reminder of the effects of time, Antica is a visual representation of a painted wall that has been left to slowly deteriorate, claimed back by the elements. The material alternates between matte and shiny effects, elegantly capturing the light in movement. Antica is available in eight colour variations including vivid and subtle tones, allowing it to easily be paired with other materials and textures to complete a beautiful design.

For information on the full collection of designs, visit the official Lelievre Paris website via the link.


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