Lee Broom, Time Machine: 2007-2017

Martyn White

Posted on April 13 2017

British designer Lee Broom celebrates his studio's tenth anniversary with the launch of a brutalist inspired grandfather clock set against ten years of work on a merry go round.

Whilst no year is an ordinary year in the world of Lee Broom, this one is particularly special. Celebrating his tenth anniversary in spectacular style, Broom exhibited his works inside one of the vaults of Milano Centrale Station, a space that has remained disused and closed off to the public for over thirty years. Part of the Ventura Centrale district, the installation consisted of an elegant white carousel containing iconic product designs that we have fallen in love with over the past ten years.

Lee Broom Carrara marbe grandfather clock

The new addition to the collection stands aside from the moving carousel, framed by the rising concrete arch of the vault, surrounded by nothing but dark space, masonry and the huge crowds travelling from across the globe to experience this unique space. Time machine not only refers to the decade of design gone by, it is the name of the exclusive handcrafted Carrara marble grandfather clock created in celebration of this incredible achievement. 

Lee Broom Milan CarouselLee Broom Time Machine Milan Design Week

The installation provokes many emotions, from excitement and astonishment to caution and curiosity. The vault remains a dark space, lit only by the floor of the carousel and lighting designs displayed within it. Walking in from the bright natural light outside into the darkness of the vault plays with your eyes and mind. After adjusting to the surroundings, focusing your eyes, visitors are greeted with the unexpected and unusual. 

Lee Broom Lighting Designs Milan Design WeekLee Broom Time Machine celebration MilanLee Broom Time Machine decade celebration

Dramatic music of string instruments echoed around the chamber whilst visitors eyes were fixated on the pure white carousel slowly moving within the empty space. It was fantastic to watch the guests reactions, slowly moving with caution around the installation, looking at each product design with intrigue before it calmly passed by, ready for a new design to move in to replace it. Upon leaving the vault, it is as if you have to readjust to the real world once again, did it actually happen or was it a figment of your imagination? 

Lee Broom Carousel under the arches

From past experiences, we all knew that Lee Broom would impress but what was displayed has clearly defied expectations. The Time Machine marble clock makes the perfect addition to a rapidly growing collection. It has been such a pleasure witnessing this brilliant designer evolve through the years and if this mark is anything to go by, the next ten years are going to blow people away. 

For the full list of products and to visit the online store, visit the official Lee Broom website via the link. 

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