Lee Broom: Podium Vase Collection

Martyn White

Posted on October 11 2015

Lee Broom launched his brand new Podium Vase Collection at his flagship Shoreditch in celebration of the London Design Festival.

In celebration of his very first vase collection, Lee Broom transformed his flagship Shoreditch store into a stunning and aromatic flower shop during the London Design Festival. Gorgeous and artistic displays of flowers were set out across the store complimenting his current collection of products and introducing the brand new and luxurious Podium Vase Collection.Lee Broom Podium Vase collection black marbleLaunching exclusively to the Lee Broom shop and online store, the Podium vase collection consists of three glass vessel shapes, a globe, bowl and cylinder. These three vessel shapes are interchangeable between the cylindrical white Carrara marble and cubed black Marquina marble bases, allowing for a total of six combinations to fit into the desired space perfectly.Lee Broom Podium Bowl BlackThe Podium collection continues the fascination of Broom’s to combine opposing materials, creating striking and incredibly elegant pieces. The use of luxurious white Carrara marble maintains the signature style whilst the incorporation of contrasting black Marquina marble evolves the range to create a strikingly different character to the glass vessels.

Lee Broom Podium Vases White MarbleEach of the six variations has such a sculptural presence that they look equally impressive empty, as they do filled. Whether you are looking for the soft, light curves of the pure Carrara marble or the strong and prominent lines of the rich Marquina marble, the vases look great as a decorative element and can be used in a variety of different ways to add a personal touch.

Lee Broom Podium Bowl White Marble

What I love about Broom’s designs are the relationships created between materials. The elegant and brittle glass is a complete contrast to the strong and solid marble base yet they compliment each other beautifully, each adding a unique charm to the finished product. It is this fascination and understanding of materials that positions the Lee Broom design above the rest.

To view further details on the Podium Vase designs and to discover other Lee Broom designs, click HERE to be taken to the main website and store.


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