Lee Broom: Nouveau Rebel

Martyn White

Posted on October 12 2014

The use of Carrara marble in Lee Broom's designs creates an incredibly luxurious and iconic finish. I take a look at the beautiful Nouveau Rebel collection of designs.

It would be impossible to describe the designs from Lee Broom without using words such as beauty, luxury and elegance. Each design in its own way has a prominence, an art form that allows the beholder to discover more detail as they familiarise themselves with the item. A personal favourite designer of mine, Broom has won numerous awards, designed breathtaking interiors and created very inspirational products by using and applying materials in an unfamiliar way, creating a very distinct and unique look. I want to share with you some of Lee Broom's latest designs, titled Nouveau Rebel which has already made a huge impact on the design and furniture world. There is a masculinity in presence of the item and materials used but a femininity within the detail. This mix creates a very striking set of sculptural items that play with shape and form in such a beautiful way.

Lee Broom Marble Fulcrum Candlesticks

The Fulcrum candlestick has been designed in two sizes, large and small and looks fantastic as a singular item or grouped. Created in Carrara marble, the candlestick seems to balance in three separate parts which add to its sculptural presence. My favourite feature is revealed when the candle is alight. There is a translucence to the marble that allows the light of the flame to pass through the marble, adding a new dimension to the candlestick. It creates a very surprising feature to the design as it softens a material that represents strength and toughness.

Lee Broom Marble Globe Table Lamp

The Globe also uses the translucence of the marble within its design but takes it one step further. housed beneath the thin slice of marble is an LED light that illuminates the marble, projecting the patterns of the material's veins into the surrounding room. What I love about the design is it takes on a solid form, yet is made out of two contrasting materials. The light also amplifies the detail of the marble which will give it a completely different look and feel switched on as it will do turned off. The Globe makes a fantastic feature item to a room and would look fantastic on a sideboard in a living or dining room.

Lee Broom On The Rock Glassware designs

On the rock is a glass wear collection that has taken on the champagne coupe, wine glass and martini glass and redesigned them into striking art pieces in a way that only Broom can achieve. I really love the contrast of elegant, almost feminine lead crystal that looks as if it is delicately balancing on top of the hardy tough marble. 'On the rock' glassware collection is sure to make a statement and would be the perfect set to impress guests whilst entertaining or dining.

Lee Broom Marble Chamber Pendant Lights

Undoubtedly my favourite design in this collection, the Chamber light pendants are available in two sizes, large and small. The Carrara marble acts as a diffuser and due to the hourglass shape of the marble and the position of the bulb, the marble illuminates at different strengths throughout the chamber. Whilst switched on, the light accentuates the veins in the marble, creating a different look to when it is turned off. These lights would look fantastic in almost any room but particularly a kitchen or dining room where they can act as a focal point to the room.

Lee Broom Marble Tube Lights

The final item in this incredible range is the Tube lighting feature. What at first glance may appear to be a fluorescent lighting tube, is a beautifully milled, singular piece of Carrara marble that houses a strip of LED bulbs. The tube gives off a warm glow, accentuating the veins in the marble, similar to the other lighting products in the range. Unlike the other products in the range, this item includes brushed brass which caps each end of the light. The addition of brass, not only for function, adds a warmth to the fixture but does not overpower it allowing the focus to remain on the marble itself. This is a fantastic feature light that again, would look fantastic in many rooms. I personally feel that the light would work best in a bar or dining area, somewhere to add that warm glow but also act as a sculptural work of art.

The whole Nouveau Rebel range is incredibly inspiring and unique. Broom has managed to produce items that sit in their own category of luxury. What I really love about the range is that Broom has used a natural material that in some ways cannot be changed and has manipulated it to create these beautiful items that highlight the features in marble that we all love. Using a natural material also means that no two items are the same and that the veins in the marble give each and every product its own personality.

To find out more about the collection and to view even more of Lee Brooms amazing designs, click HERE to visit the Lee Broom Website.


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