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Martyn White

Posted on November 19 2014

Koket is a brand that is not afraid to express itself. Explore some of the latest designs from the collection and what makes this brand so unique. 

It is incredibly refreshing to see a brand that is not afraid to take risks, achieving the goal of creating highly individual and luxurious items, packed full of character. I feel that there are currently so many brands out there that try to be safe, creating and producing items that appeal to the widest amount of people at the lowest possible cost. With total disregard to materials and the finer details, this erases so much of the personality within the design and creates objects that are hollow and lifeless. Design to me, is about filling a space full of life, making it fun and displaying your personality to it's best. Koket is a brand that allows us to do just this, designing items that stand out, stopping people in their daily lives to appreciate the craft and quality behind each object. Each item tells it's own story but can easily interconnect with other items and interiors to create that bigger picture. You will never tire of looking at a Koket product and it is because of these attributes that I wanted to share this inspirational company with you. I have limited myself to selecting just six key items that have inspired me and that represent the quality and beauty behind this business.

Gia ChandelierKoket gold Gia flower chandelierKoket Gia chandelier gold detailing

Why have flowers in your home when you can have the Gia chandelier instead? Hand sculpted in polished brass, this light fitting is the pinnacle of beauty. I love that the inside of the flowers has a different finish to the outside, it adds another dimension to the flower and creates an incredibly beautiful glow and reflection when the lights are switched on. The brass stems to each flower have additional detailing that is only noticeable on closer inspection, this adds luxury but also shows that every detail has been thought of in the creation of this stunning work of art.

 Addicta Mirror

Koket Addicta Mirror SilverKoket Addicta Mirror GoldThe Addicta mirror goes far beyond it's intended use. The item is just as much a work of art as it is a mirror, leaving the beholder spending more time looking at it this beautiful object than they do looking into it. Inspired by the traditional Venetian mirrors, the design has evolved from simply framing the object, to become just as important, if not more important than the mirror itself.

 Mademoiselle Armoire

Koket Mademoiselle Armoire Pink and Black with goldKoket Mademoiselle Armoire Detailing black and goldOne of the most striking pieces, the Mademoiselle Armoire is available in a variety of colours and finishes. I really love that the colour behind the detailing can transform this product completely. Pictured on the website in a vivacious pink, the item is bold and striking, when viewed with a midnight black backing, the armoire is all about it's stunning brass detailing. The inside is also just as impressive as it's exterior, with a gold leaf interior accompanied by glass shelving and antique mirror drawers.

 Allure Dining Table

Koket Dining table design Allure in goldKoket Allure Dining table detailing in goldIt looks as light as a feather, the glass almost hovering in the air. The base of the Allure dining table is a very simple woven brass pattern that instantly attracts the eye. Thanks to the glass top, it is possible to see the base design from a variety of angles, each changing the way that the table is perceived. Available in multiple finishes and colours, the table would make a fantastic feature item to a dining room or orangery styled room with the perfect addition of contrasting chairs.

 Luridae Console

Koket black Luridae consoleKoket Black Luridae console dragonfly detailing

The more I view the Luridae console, the more I fall in love with it. A very simple yet elegant design that consists of a black lacquered finish that gracefully connects with its curved brass legs. Whilst the most intriguing feature is the very delicate and detailed dragonflies, I selected this item for the curving brass leg supports below. The brass features add a feminine touch that is in contrast to its masculine black lacquer finish which balances out the console just perfectly. The console would make a fantastic addition to an entrance hall or living room where it can be admired for its beauty and design.

 Nymph Chandelier

Koket gold butterfly chandelierKoket Nymph gold butterfly chandelier detailA personal favourite of mine is the Nymph chandelier. There really is no other item like it, the design is so intricate and elegant that it is incredibly hard not to be mesmerised by the detail and beautiful patterns that shine from this chandelier. Whilst it may look small, the light fixture is almost 80cm in diameter, making it a striking feature perfect for a large entrance hall or galleried hallway.

These items are just a few from the Koket collection. To find out more about these products and to view the full range, check out the Koket website HERE or click on the product links above. There is such a fantastic attitude to design and quality that it is impossible not to be inspired by these remarkable designs and I, for one, look forward to seeing what this company has to deliver in the future.



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