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Martyn White

Posted on June 03 2018

Dassault Systèmes presents 'Breath/ng' a collaboration with Kengo Kuma at this year's Salone del Mobile.

During this year's Milan Design Week, Dassault Systèmes’ 'Design in the Age of Experience' highlighted an important subject that is an issue for many of us around the world. The experience, titled 'Breath/ng' took visitors on a journey to discover and learn about innovative technologies, combined with creative solutions to tackle the serious issue of pollution of our cities and the serious issues and impact it is has had on our planet. 

‘Breath/ng’ by Kengo Kuma and Associates Tortona Milan Design Week‘Breath/ng’ by Kengo Kuma and Associates Tortona Milan Design Week‘Breath/ng’ by Kengo Kuma and Associates Tortona Milan Design WeekKengo Kuma and Associates teamed up with Dassault Systèmes to create an impressive installation called 'Breath/ng' which formed the central part of the visitor experience by using cutting-edge pollution neutralizing material suspended above the heads of guests to form an impressive twisting and turning sculpture. The installation addressed the key global issue of climate change and demonstrated how it can actively reduce air pollution in a city such as Milan through use of its material and how the captured pollution can be re-used to create decorative items such as jewellery. 

ring created from pollution Milan Design WeekBag of pollution captured from ‘Breath/ng’ by Kengo Kuma and Associates Tortona Milan Design WeekPollution tower Milan model

The installation and the amount of fabric used had the ability to absorb up to 90,000 cars worth of pollution, working by trapping the polluted particles as the surrounding air passes through the fabric. Once the material has absorbed its maximum capacity which, according to the advisors on hand can take up to six months, the particles can be reused and transformed into a range of things, including the 'Smog Free Cube' placed onto a ring which is the equivalent of 1000m3 of clean air. The fabric would be cased in towers as seen in the model below and placed in highly polluted areas for maximum effect.



Take a look at the video above for a quick walk around the 'Breath/ng' installation during Milan Design Week. 

It was wonderful to witness prestigious shows such as Milan Design Week and Salone del Mobile focusing on environmental factors and challenges. Whilst design tends to have a focus on the beautiful, it is reassuring to know that there brands and businesses focusing their attention on improving the quality of life and the environment of the world, a trend that I hope catches on to every country of the world. 



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