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Martyn White

Posted on October 20 2016

To celebrate the second anniversary of Martyn White Designs, Buster and Punch kindly offered me their showroom to launch my very first collection of candles.

When I started Martyn White Designs back in August 2014, I never thought about the opportunities and experiences it could provide. I started the website to feed my passion for design and share my discoveries with anyone that wanted to listen. Two years later, after meeting inspirational people, reaching milestones and being offered unbelievable experiences that I could never have wished for, I wanted to celebrate the brands birthday by fulfilling another one of my dreams and launching my very first range of products. 

Dawn and Dusk candle collection on display at Buster and Punch LondonPhotographing the Dawn and Dusk candles at Buster and Bunch London BridgeBlack and White candles Pomegranate and Rock Salt scent

The idea of launching a candle collection had been on my mind for quite some time. I love having candles in the home but had never found one that quite met my requirements entirely. I discovered that I was buying candles to use during the day and additional ones to use in the evening, creating an unfortunate mixture of smells that were neither complimentary or enjoyable. With the idea of having fresh scents during the day and rich fragrances in the evening, the idea for Dawn + Dusk was born. 

Dawn and Dusk candle launch event at London Bridge Martyn White discussing the Dawn and Dusk candlesGuests arrive at the Dawn and Dusk candle launch event

Creating complimenting scents that continue on from one another was challenging but an exciting experience that I believe I have succeeded in to create my first twin scents: Rocksalt & Driftwood during the day complemented by Pomegranate and Leather for the evening, adding a small mixture of the opposite twin's scent to create a connection. Whilst the candles have been created to compliment one another, I also wanted to make them strong enough to stand alone for people that prefer a particular fragrance over the other. 

Designed Magazine Fall Autumn edition launch at Buster and Punch

After months of testing, changes and finally perfecting the style and scents, I was ready to share the candles with the world and launch them at my first ever event. As part of my second anniversary celebrations, Buster + Punch was kind enough to donate their beautiful London Bridge showroom for an evening, allowing guests to interact and smell the candles for the first time in the beautiful surroundings of the Hop Exchange. 

White and Black modern candles the Dawn and Dusk candle launch eventLuxurious modern candle scents from Dawn + Dusk

The event would not have a been a success without the attendance of some of my closest friends. I was fortunate enough to share the moment with Vanessa Agyemang, showcasing her incredible designs from her own brand Copper Dust and Julia Burdet, launching the Autumn edition of the inspirational Designed magazine, available to purchase through the Martyn White Designs Website along with the full collection of Dawn + Dusk candles. 

Copper Dust London light shadesCopper Dust at the Dawn + Dusk launch eventMartyn White and Vanessa Agyemang

I want to thank everyone that attended and supported the event from Decorum, Rawlings George, Amara, Coshamie, Lombok, Firmdale Hotels, Studio 198, Buster + Punch and individuals that made their way down for the celebrations, it means the world to me! With such a fantastic response from the first range, the second and third ones are already in the making to be launched very soon!

Photography: Christian Domroese 


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