Interviewing Vanessa Agyemang, Copper Dust

Martyn White

Posted on June 10 2015

Introducing Copper Dust and interviewing the founder, Vanessa Agyemang to find out more about her brilliant and refreshing brand.

Starting a brand is no easy feat, it takes determination, passion and a very strong mind! I was lucky enough to interview Vanessa Agyemang, a designer who has done just that and created a stunning brand called Copper Dust. A huge talent that has currently spent her time between drawing stunning portrait works of art and captivating lamp shade designs, I find out what has motivated her to turn her talents into a business and just where she plans to go in the future.

Vanessa Copper Dust

How did Copper Dust come about?

"I always had an inkling whilst studying, that I wanted to create and design a platform of my own. As I went through the Design office style of working, I realised it wasn’t for me. I began researching into my areas of expertise. I really enjoyed the idea of British craftsmanship and items being individually handmade. Thus Copper Dust was born"

Where does your inspiration come from?

"My surrounding environment is a very important source of inspiration, whether its from social media, tv or an exhibition. I emerge my self in all things creative to be inspired"

What is your favourite part of designing?

"Definitely the concept stage, initial sketches, illustrations and prototypes, really excites me. Seeing the journey and the process development is irreplaceable"

Copper Dust yellow and green lampshade

Are there any difficulties that you have faced along the way?

"I’ve had few hurdles, in terms of technology and funding, but with most things where there is a will there is a way"

What processes do you have to go through to get to your finished product?

"I always have to start off with text research, making notes and understanding what it is I’m trying to design. After that I get more practical, and create a prototype of a sample product, depending on the direction it went I would follow through to the final stage. With illustration its a lot more fluid and relaxed, it’s a matter, of perfecting a technique"

Copper Dust Michael Caine Portrait Drawing


Do you have a favourite item so far that you have created?

"I can’t choose a favourite item because I’m very proud of both collections, especially the quality and finish of each item"

Where do you see Copper Dust going in the future?

"I’m interested in expanding to other areas of home décor such as furniture, linens and kitchenware. Following that I would like to open an international design consultancy, this would include an international exchange internship"

Copper Dust Blue and Yellow lampshade

If you had any advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?

"Research, research, research, speak to others. Do not let anyone defy your belief in your product, journey or design"

How do we get hold of your items?

"All items can be found on"

(Just for fun) What is the most important item in the house?

"My Apple desktop, don’t judge me"

An exceptional talent, Copper Dust is definitely a brand to keep an eye on. Something I particularly love about the style is the personal touch, you can tell that every item and drawing has had time, thought and evolution that has gone into it, something that is widely missing from big name brands. I would definitely recommend visiting the Copper Dust website to view the full range and also taking a read of the fantastic blog. Copper Dust and Vanessa Agyemang are definitely names that we will be hearing more of in the future, mark my words!


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