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Martyn White

Posted on April 18 2016

Sharing the beautiful furniture, lighting and accessory designs from the iconic Scandinavian brand taking the world by storm. 

When I think of the Scandinavian quality of design, one of the first brands that comes to mind is Hem. With their design studio based in Stockholm, Hem dominating the market with their timeless and instantly recognisable designs. The brand first caught my attention last year during the London Design Festival with their captivating display of lights dancing to elegant piano music, I have not stopped following them since.

Hem Scandinavian furniture designs and modern white pendant lighting dining room spaceHem furniture designs dusk pendant lighting and steel stools in Scandinavian dining space

The studio designs and creates its own collections of furniture, lighting and accessories. I wanted to share with you just a few key pieces that really define the brand and make it stand out internationally. You cannot talk about Hem without mentioning it's striking lighting designs. Alphabet (top image) is one of the most popular items from the company and a personal favourite of mine. The designs remind me of sideways yo-yos, two sections joining the middle with a visible lighting cable connecting the two. The lights are constructed with an option of eight different shapes, all made from brushed metal. Each comes in white, black and a unique colour to create a striking centrepiece to a room. 

Hem ladder style display shelves in Scandinavian style space

The Verso shelf transforms simplicity into a functional and sculptural work of art. These ladder style shelving units are made from ash and are available in seven finishes including my favourite blue steel lacquered finish as featured above. Designs perfect for a constantly evolving space, each shelving unit comes with three magazine stand latch-style shelves that can easily be moved around and increased to create different looks and styles. I love this piece because it challenges your perception of a space and allows you to get creative with some of your most prized home accessories and display items. Hem black wooden chair with palm from displayScandinavian furniture design from hem white wooden stool in dining space

The Touchwood chair is another favourite of mine. This design clearly demonstrates that clean lines, beautiful materials and fine craftsmanship come out on top. This design pairs perfectly with so many styles of tables and is available in various colours, allowing you to mix and match for characterful designs or keep it simple with one finish and complete the sleek Scandinavian look. The chair is stackable for easy storage and for those more compact spaces but it is the feel of this chair that wins me over, such a beautifully smooth and natural feel that connects you to the natural world.

industrial black bedroom with furniture and lighting designs from Hemgrey industrial bedroom style furniture from Hem Stockholm

Dusk is another firm favourite lighting design. This bulbously shaped light fitting is available in two sizes, Large and small with the option of transparent or matte finish glass, ideal for creating the perfect combination and style for your space. As with the Alphabeta collection, my favourite part of this particular styles is the incorporation of the cable into the overall design. The lights appear to hover weightlessly in the air, creating unique looks. Whilst the cable often is the largest part of a light, it is often overlooked, creating an ugly and unwanted addition to a beautiful feature. These lights embrace the cable and give the products a much larger presence. 

I have only touched the surface the beautiful creations from this incredible Scandinavian brand. To discover more products and find out more about Hem, click HERE to visit the official website and online store. 


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