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Martyn White

Posted on May 30 2017

Exploring the future of furniture design with the modular GROW! System by Movisi. Simple design that can easily adapt to the challenges of the modern world. 

From recent visits to exhibitions and design shows, it is clear that there is a fast-growing demand for a new type of furniture design. These pieces not only have to look great, they need to be adaptable, fully functional and enhance the spaces that we live in, acknowledging all of life's challenges and demands that we face in the modern world. Whilst there are products and designs that have proved hugely popular in the market, many of them have failed when it comes to quality and style. Recently I was introduced to a brand that believes they have all aspects covered and I couldn't wait to find out more. 

Grow furnitureGrow furniture

Movisi is an award-winning company well known for developing and creating multifunctional, modular pieces of furniture. The brand's ethos is based on flexibility, mobility, and sustainability, three pillars that in recent times have become a necessity for both commercial, office and residential design. Their recent project has been to develop a modular furniture system called GROW!, a simple concept that is able to cater for all areas of the market, combining the quality of home furniture with the functionality and durability often associated with commercial furniture.

Grow modular furniture for the bedroomGrow modular bathroom shelving

The results are very surprising, a simple U shaped design that can be snapped together to create almost any shape or structure you could possibly imagine. The simplicity and ease of building allow screens, shelving, storage and tables to be constructed in a matter of seconds. The draw to the product, however, comes with how easy it is to deconstruct, rearrange and build to transform the use of a space as your requirements change. This is the future of design that is slowly being applied to many areas of our lives.

Grow kitchen



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