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Martyn White

Posted on November 05 2017

Jean Paul Gaultier collaborates with Lelievre Paris to create a series of spectacular wallpaper designs familiar with the iconic brand, interweaving fashion and home even closer than ever before. 

This landmark collection between Jean Paul Gaultier and Lelievre displays Gaultier’s most iconic designs transformed into eye catching and eccentric wallpaper designs, being produced by European manufacturers using the latest printing technology for the highest quality finish to capture the vibrant tones and mesmerising detail. The full collection consists of fifteen designs with forty two colour variations to leave a characterful and dramatic mark on any interior design. Below, I share four of my favourite styles that demonstrate the diversity of styles available and showcase the Gaultier collection at its very best. 

Gaultier black and white tattoo style wallpaperGaultier tattoo inspired wallpaper

Horrimono 3303

There is a beautiful simplicity about this design. The absence of colour and detailing allows for complete ownership and customisation in the home. Even with the design's coloured variants, accessories and furniture are easily paired to create a unique scene that echoes a Japanese feel of Koi fish, elegant roses and roaming dragons adorning the walls. 

Gaultier floral wallpaper collectionGaultier blue floral wallpaper

Flamboyant 3301

An elegant collage of weathered floral prints, injecting soft hues and romantic tones into any interior space. In true Gaultier style, the design includes further dimensions by adding texture, sheen and sparkle with a glitter to capture and reflect the light at different moments throughout the day. 

Gaultier Motorbike wallpaper collectionGaultier mechanical parts wallpaper

Carambolage 3314

For the daring designer that is looking to add an industrial and mechanical edge to a space. This design is truly mesmerising, showcasing warm rusted tones against aged metallics to depict a collection of abandoned motorbikes, head lamps and car doors. A design that dares to go beyond and challenge perceptions, there is no doubt that this is one of a kind. 

Gaultier industrial style wallpaperGaultier Industrial rusted tile wallpaper

Porto 3304

Resembling hand painted decorative tiles, this design has been inspired by the station of Sao Bento and the houses of Douro in Porto. With the popularity of hand painted tiles skyrocketing within the interiors world, the Porto wallpaper designs are a fantastic way to add drama and weathering to to familiar and much loved tile designs, creating a dramatic feature space in the home. 

Wallpaper has risen in popularity over the past few years, transforming itself from a product simply used to hide imperfections and add texture to walls, to one that defines a space, adding striking patterns in ways that would have been unimaginable years ago. It is fantastic to see brands such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Lelievre challenging these perceptions, producing a collection of designs not only scream for attention, they bring art into the home. 

For further details on the collection and all the styles available, click to visit the official Lelievre Paris website via the link.


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