GANT Home: The Holiday Season

Martyn White

Posted on November 16 2015

Simple ways to add a seasonal touch to your home this holiday season with the GANT home Winter season of cushions, throws, duvets and candles.

With the full Autumn and Winter collections now on full display, it is still incredibly hard to imagine that the holiday season will be here in a matter of weeks! Now is the perfect time to start preparing to make those homely touches and bring the holiday spirit into your home. GANT Home has some fantastic accessories for the holiday season, perfect for those seasonal touches. 

Gant Home holiday season

Cant Holiday accessories winter throw, pillows and stocking

I personally feel that the best way to add seasonal touches to a space is through small accessories, cushions and throws. You do not need to make huge changes to have a big impact. Small additions, colour changes and ornaments are an elegant and subtle way to change the mood of a room and a simple way to keep things fresh. 

Gant Home holiday cushionsThese accessories are fantastic because they have been designed to last longer than the holiday season. Whilst most of the cushions and throws have a beautiful cosy Winter feel to them, they can easily be dressed up for the holiday season with the star print or mixed with other solid colours or patterns to create a whole different style and feel to a bedroom or living room. 

Gant home kitchen and crockery collection

Gone are the days where we used to overfill a space with tinsel, foil and streamers. It is all about simplicity, luxury and texture. Never has the holiday season looked so classy and sophisticated! The same can be said when it comes to table dressing. Simple light tones such as greys, olives and pastel shades are incredibly popular for table settings. This simple designs can then be accessorised with patterned or colours linen table napkins, floral table displays and even candles.

Gant home christmas bedroom and bed linen

GANT Winter accessory collection

Beds can easily be turned into features of a room, layering up, throws and additional cushions create a luxurious feel and can make a space look and feel cosy. As with the living room, a simple and easy way to add a seasonal touch is through throws and accessory cushions. The simple red and star detailing on the image above are enough to give the space an elegant holiday feeling. The designs also look incredibly inviting, perfect to cosy up and hide under the covers on a cold Winter's day. 

All images are courtesy of GANT Home, to view the full collection of home items and accessories, click HERE to be taken to the GANT UK website. 



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