Fredrikson Stallard: Intuitive Gestures

Martyn White

Posted on January 09 2018

Fredrikson Stallard present their latest collection of work 'Intuitive Gestures' in an exhibition at the David Gill Gallery.

The latest collection from Fredrikson Stallard titled 'Intuitive Gestures' exhibited at the David Gill Gallery last year attracting crowds in their masses. The design studio showcased a series of designs from furniture pieces to lighting and artwork. Discover the mesmerising collections below from my visit to the gallery during the opening evening event. 

Fredrikson Stallard Intuitive Gestures David Gill Gallery Antartica TableFredrikson Stallard Intuitive Gestures David Gill Gallery Fredrikson Stallard Intuitive Gestures David Gill Gallery

The standout collection for the exhibition was 'Antarctica', impressive sculptural designs, made from acrylic that take the form of melting slabs of ice. Each piece blurs the boundaries of form and design, creating the question "is it ice imitating furniture or furniture imitating ice?" The Antarctica collection consists of a large dining table, two Gueridons in clear and a further two designs cast in bronze. The collection feels like a natural evolution of 2016's 'Glaciarium', a homeware collaboration that saw Swarovski crystal crafted into beautiful home accessories in the form of glacial ice. 

Fredrikson Stallard Intuitive Gestures David Gill Gallery Table Lamp TorchFredrikson Stallard Intuitive Gestures David Gill GalleryFredrikson Stallard Intuitive Gestures David Gill Gallery Antarctic TableFredrikson Stallard Intuitive Gestures David Gill Gallery scribble metal artwork

The marble-like appearance of the Torch table lamps derives from the use of alabaster, a raw mineral or rock stretched so finely that it allows light to shine through, amplifying the veins and detail concealed within the material for a dramatic effect. The presence of these sculptural lamps constantly evolves and transforms, interacting with the ever-changing natural light during the day and relying on the internal light in the evening and night. 

As with many of Fredrikson Stallard's designs, there are beautiful associations with movement and the natural world. The 'Scriptus' mirror is another example of a creation that captures a motion, frozen in time. The circular motion of a pen or stylus has been transformed into a mirrored work of art, a gesture so familiar that it brings a smile to many visitors faces. The mirrors reflective surface also connects with its surroundings, echoing the colours and movements of the room whilst visually extending the space. 

Fredrikson Stallard Intuitive Gestures David Gill Gallery crumpled metal sideboardFredrikson Stallard Intuitive Gestures David Gill Gallery crumpled metal detailingFredrikson Stallard Intuitive Gestures David Gill Gallery paint splatter table

Other designs exhibiting from the 2017 collection were the 'Scriptus' shelves, taking inspiration from the gentle strokes of hand-drawn calligraphy lines and a series of 'Untitled' furniture designs consisting of an armchair, stool and floor lamp characterised by their use of black steel paired with leathers, marble and wood.

Every year since 2001, designers Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard impress the world with their eye-catching and fascinating creations. 2017 has only raised the bar even higher. Simple gestures, beautiful form and mesmerising materials help define a Fredrikson Stallard design and with another highly successful year to add to their belts, I cannot wait to see what these talented guys have to offer in the coming year. 

For further details on the collections featured, visit the David Gill Gallery official website. For information on the designers and studio, visit the Fredrikson Stallard website. 


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