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Martyn White

Posted on December 03 2014

Using lighting to create a feature in an interior. The Graphic lighting collection from DelightFULL is sure to add character and attract attention.

Lighting is such an integral part of any interior, yet is one of the areas that is most overlooked. A light fitting can transform a space in the flick of a switch and can add multiple characteristics to a room throughout the day. Whilst there is a practical side to lighting, never forget that the quality and finish of a fixture will determine the overall effect to your finished interior.

Delightful graphic collection E

Lighting does not just have to be practical, it can be fun, show personality and even affect a person's mood. I wanted to share with you a company that has all sides covered, from the quality of design, beauty and luxury across to playfulness, being daring and incredibly bold. DelightFULL are passionate about design and are not afraid to leave their mark with their exceptional products and ideas.

Delightful graphic collection letters A-I

Whilst DelightFULL has a stunning range of lighting products that cover areas including the ceiling, floor, table, wall and outdoor spaces, there was one collection in particular that I wanted to discuss as I fell in love with it from the moment I saw it. The Graphic collection is a series of thirty seven uniquely designed light fittings. The designs are bursting with personality and vibrancy and are suitable for a variety of different uses.

Delightful Graphic letter collection M

Whether you are looking to add a bit of fun and character to a room by using one of these graphics as a focal point, or are wanting to go that one step further and use multiple to spell something out a word or display a number, the graphics collection integrate perfectly to give you that unique and artistic feel in the home, club or even the retail environment. I love that each letter, symbol or number has been designed in a completely different way, creating their own personalities.

Delightful Graphic collection letters J - R

Due to the contrasting designs, each combination looks completely different. There is no worry of particular letters not matching with others as this is part of the style and adds to that unique look. Standing at 1 meter high, the designs are larger than some would first perceive. The size is great however for grabbing attention and becoming the talking point of its surroundings. Each design is able to stand freely on a surface or to be hung on the wall which allows for so many possibilities.

Delightful graphic collection numeral 3

Seeing the response first hand from the Graphic collection has been truly remarkable, people stopping to take pictures, discussing the designs and, as we have all done, searched for the first letter of our name to see what style it is in. Whilst the lights can be described as a novelty, it reminds us that interiors should be fun, they should make us feel comfortable and cheer us up when we are feeling stressed or down. It is important to remember that a space represents ourselves and that design should challenge perceptions and create ideas.

Delightful Graphic collection letters S - Z

With fresh ideas and it's unique take on product design and development, DelightFULL is an outstanding example of quality, luxury and passion for the product. They have turned an item that is so often overlooked within many interiors and turned it into a work of art, an object that you want to look at and admire. With a large catalogue of unique designs, there most definitely is a lamp to match every interior. If I had my way, I would have them all!

To view the full Graphic Colletion, including the numeric and symbol designs please click HERE For the full range of products, catalogs and projects, please click HERE


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