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Martyn White

Posted on December 11 2014

Replicate the James Bond 007 lifestyle with this beautiful brass sideboard designed by DelightFULL. Inspired by the iconic James Bond Series.

Raymond Chandler once said "Every guy wants to be James Bond and every girl wants to be with him" well, thanks to DelightFULL you can most certainly get one step closer to living the 007 lifestyle, with the Monocles Sideboard from the Essentials collection.

Delightfull Monocles James Bond Style Sideboard

Made from solid walnut with additional brass features and panelling, no detail has been left to spare. The sideboard has been designed as a unit that looks good from every angle in every situation. The quality of design is unparalleled with the addition of features and finishes so easily forgotten and overlooked by regular designers.

Delightfull Monocles Gold 007 Sideboard

The protruding circular brass design is echoed on the back of the unit, which is a particular favourite of mine, giving it extreme character. To have detailed in an area that would rarely be seen is an example of the thought, design and efforts that have gone into the creation of this striking sideboard. This attention to detail continues onto the sides and inside of the cabinet itself.

Delightfull Monocles Sideboard wood backside

The unit is split into two sections, the left and central doors open up to reveal cupboard storage space, perfect for all your cocktails ready for those nights of entertainment, shaking your Martinis and not string them. The right door opens to reveal a set of four drawers, each fitted with a beautifully finished brass handle to continue to the look.

Monocles Brass sideboard from Delightfull

It is worth noting that each drawer has a damper which enables them to close in a soft motion, this is incredibly beneficial for a unit that would commonly be used to store glassware in. Another feature that I adore with this sideboard is the detailing on the back of the doors which contrasts perfectly with the front brass panels as seen in the image above.

This is a sideboard from an action heroes dream, perfect for lovers of retro and furniture that has incredible character and charm. It is clear to see that all the effort and skills used to create DelightFULL's captivating lighting have not been lost on such a unique and extravagant take on a cocktail bar and sideboard. I very much look forward to seeing future designs from a company that is so fresh and vibrant that it needs to be kept chilled.

To find out more about the Monocles sideboard please click the link to take you to DelightFULL's website.


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