Crucial Trading: Journey of a Bespoke Rug

Martyn White

Posted on November 03 2017

Creating a bespoke rug for the home has never been easier. Discover the design process and the journey your rug design will take when ordering from Crucial Trading.

Bespoke design allows us to have a product that is perfectly suited to our homes, personality and lifestyle. What was once reserved for the incredibly wealthy and top figures has now become accessible in almost every market imaginable. As we become more design conscious and use our homes for work, entertaining and living, we need beautiful customised products to match our lifestyle and needs. On the hunt for the perfect dining room rug, I discovered Crucial Trading and was lucky enough to experience the entire process of rug creation, from the initial swatch sample selection to visiting the workshop to see my design come to life.

Crucial Trading showroom Creating a Bespoke Rig DesignCrucial Trading showroom Creating a Bespoke Rig Design Fabric SelectionCrucial Trading showroom Creating a Bespoke Rug Design Fabrics and FinishesCrucial Trading showroom Creating a Bespoke Rug Design Colourful Fabric Swatches

After browsing the Crucial Trading website for inspiration, I made my way to their showroom on King's Road to get a hands-on experience with the hundreds of materials and finishes available to create my custom design. By using the online rug designer, I already had an idea of how I wanted my rug to look and just how it would connect with my space. Having opted for Sisool due to its resilient and hardwearing properties, it was the border that I wanted to perfect with a beautiful and contrasting finish. With an advisor on hand to help, understanding the location and use of the rug, I was able to narrow down my selection to a small range of materials and colours that I could return home with swatches in hand to compare in the space. 

Crucial Trading Workshop Sample SwatchesCrucial Trading Workshop and warehouseCrucial Trading Workshop Swatch CuttingCrucial Trading Workshop Rug Fabric

Having made my final decisions and ordering online, I was excited at the thought that my very own rug was being created, made to match my home, style and needs. I was also given the exciting opportunity to go behind the scenes and witness the rug being created in person at the Crucial Trading workshop in Kidderminster. Something that we do not often get to experience, the site visit gave me an understanding of how the company works and how each bespoke design is developed from a concept into reality. 

Crucial Trading Workshop Cutting Rug SizesCrucial Trading Workshop Rug Creation Crucial Trading Workshop Rug Trim sewing Crucial Trading Workshop Brown Leather Rug Trim

Upon arriving, I was introduced to the team and educated on the processes of an order, from sample selection to rug delivery. When a sample material is requested, each material is neatly organised into one of the many containers so that a member of the team can quickly source, wrap and box the materials to be sent out. Once a rug or carpet order comes in, it is over to the workshop for it to be produced. As centre material for the rug is delivered, it is marked out and cut to the required measurements. Depending on the specified finish, a border can be added as a single, single with piping detail or a double finish, allowing for a vast amount of customisable options to complete a project. Due to its use in a dining space, I opted for a single leather finish to match the dining chairs. 

 Crucial Trading Bespoke Rug DesignsCrucial Trading Bespoke Rug Designs Rug Trim Finishes and StylesCrucial Trading Bespoke Rug Design

The quality is in the finish and the leather trim was added with beautiful precise detail, down to the cut and finish of the corners. Being placed in such a high use space such as a dining room means that the rug has to undergo a lot of wear and tear. This was another reason that bespoke rug design was so important to me. Having a rug made to the same ratio as the table means that it fits perfectly and is in complete proportion to the room. Whilst my selection was tame in comparison to the materials, colours and patterns available, It was great to see the full collection and potential that this impressive brand has when it comes to bespoke design. Witnessing the vast range of rugs and carpets being produced before my very eyes has only reconfirmed that bespoke is the way forward and that it is for everyone to enjoy.

For further information on Crucial Trading and the services provided, click the link to be taken to the official website. 


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