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Martyn White

Posted on May 08 2017

Specialising in one-off bespoke pieces of sculptural furniture, I visit the Cox studio and workshop in North London to discover how the brand gets from concept to creation.

Cox London is the very definition of what luxury design is all about. Beautiful stories inspire the creation process, whilst a fascination and understanding of material helps push boundaries to create unique and characterful pieces. Each design is able to challenge perceptions whilst adding a level of luxury to any interior like no other. When you see a creation from Nicola and Christopher Cox, there is no doubting that it is one of theirs.

Cox London Workshop material inspiration Cox London workshop and showroom Cox London furniture workshop inspiration

After admiring their work in several locations and having the opportunity to meet the designers at a showcase of their work work with lighting brand John Cullen, I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to meet with Nicola and Christopher at their showroom and workshop in North London to find out more about their creation process, the history of the brand and how one gets from concept to finished luxury design.

Located in two buildings within close proximity to one another, I was first introduced to the showroom. Walking through into this space for the first time was like stepping out of a plane into a hot country, though instead of the heat shocking the system, it was the beauty from this treasure trove of design hidden away behind closed doors. Proudly displaying the Cox collection of opulent lighting and furniture pieces, there were many familiar designs that we all know and love with some new surprises on display too.

Cox London workshop and studio Cox London gold oak leaf chandelier

Touring the show space, it was time to be introduced to a secondary workshop containing many objects, antiques and materials that have helped inspire and define the range. Giving examples of how particular items had influenced some of their most iconic pieces and having a chance to explore the materials and objects myself, it was great to understand such an important part of the design process that often remains hidden from the outside world. When many designers follow a simple and rushed process to produce a factory line of cloned products, it is refreshing to see that Nicola and Christopher Cox follow an entirely different approach, ensuring bespoke, handcrafted quality for every project. 

Cox London bone wall artCox London Bone Art Wall Sculpture

The main workshop gave me a chance to experience the construction process, witnessing a concept evolve into a reality, piece by piece. Whilst Cox London essentially has a collection of styles, each product is made bespoke to match a customer's specifications. Using a team of highly skilled craftspeople, it was amazing to witness similar designs being created to different measurements and finishes, seeing just how different these designs would become to one another and the unique presence that each will contribute in a space.

Cox London workshop creating contemporary metal chandelieroak leaf chandelier construction Cox London WorkshopBespoke lighting creation at Cox London Workshop

Founded in 2005, Cox London has gone from strength to strength, expanding in both size and collection. Adding to the ever-growing list of achievements, in April the brand opened its first showroom on Ebury Street in the heart of Belgravia, allowing it to showcase the very best in design in one of London's most renowned furniture and crafts districts. With so much incredible work already achieved, I look forward to experiencing what Cox has planned for the future.

I would like to thank Nicola and Christopher for their time and giving me such a wonderful insight into their inspirational brand.

For further information on the designers and the collection, visit the official Cox London website.

Photography: Martyn White 


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