Clerkenwell Design Week: Day Three Highlights

Martyn White

Posted on May 27 2016

Highlights from the third and final day at Clerkenwell Design Week. Visiting the Museum of Making and the Hak Folley, located under the arch at St John's Gate.

As this year's Clerkenwell Design Week draws to a close, I take a look at the highlights from my third and final day visiting the pavilions and exhibitions. One of the centrepieces for this year's event was the Museum of Making, a modern and colourful barn inspired pavilion designed by White Arkitekter to host creative workshops and displays. Walking around the pavilion opened up different views of the demonstrations and displays between of the colourful beams, adding curiosity and intrigue to the design.

Museum of Making brightly coloured modern barn pavilion for Clerkenwell Design WeekHighlights of Clerkwenwell Design Week Modern barn pavilion Museum of Making workshops

The workshops over the week included the Goldsmiths' Centre: Punch a pendant (which you can see in the short video above) Craft central architectural card making workshop and Thomas.Matthews, The future of [re]Making for a circular economy. Every time I passed the pavilion the crowds had gathered to explore and discover more, certainly one of the popular visitor choices. 

Clerkenwell Design Week pavilion Hak FolleyModern wooden structure pavilion for Clerkenwell Design WeekHak Folley modern wooden pavilion for Clerkenwell Design Week London

The HakFolley was another favourite choice of mine across the three days. Carefully positioned under the arch at St John's Gate, passers-by have to interact with the structure in some way, whether they walk through the design or view it from the sides. Inspired by a visit to Hakwood’s factory in the Netherlands, HakFolly is a stacked timber structure which aims to create a fleeting moment of peace and tranquillity, in reference to Clerkenwell’s rich monastic past. A beautiful structure that looks different from every angle. 

pink map infographic for Clerkenwell Design WeekClerkenwell Design Week giant map on street

It was all change this year with major developments changing the face of the design week. With new challenges have come new opportunities and I was delighted to see the new graphics and maps across Clerkenwell, creating a feature in themselves as I have seen so many people (including myself) taking photos of them. I loved seeing people interact with the large map on the floor outside Farringdon Station, acting out their walking route and involving others. 

Martyn White Designs media partner for Clerkenwell Design Week

It has been such an eventful and exciting three days and I wanted to take the opportunity to thank the teams at Clerkenwell Design Week, Camron PR and Tom Dixon in particular for putting on a fantastic exhibition and marketing it incredibly. The buzz around London has been fantastic, people discussing and getting involved in the design. I am already looking forward to next year's jam-packed event!  



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