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Martyn White

Posted on December 04 2016

There is no better time to invest in a luxury set of bed linen than now. As the cold sets in, explore the designs from Christy and how they can work well in the home.

There is no better time to invest in a set of luxury bed linen than now. As the cold sets in and the nights continue to get longer, a cosy and restful nights sleep can make the world of difference to your daily routine. Whilst many settle for cheaper alternatives to achieve a quick fix and an easy transformation of style, materials can often be coarse, uncomfortable and at times even unhygienic. Having experienced both ends of the spectrum, I cannot express just how valuable it can be to find the perfect bed linen, not only to achieve a beautiful style and finish to a room but also for wellbeing, ensuring the perfect and most comfortable nights sleep possible. Already owning the Enigma Silver collection below, I have selected my favourite designs from this season's collection at Christy to show you the diverse range of styles and just how easy it is to create your desired look.

Enigma silver bedding collection from ChristySelecting the perfect bedding Enigma Silver ChristyEnigma Silver and white luxury bedding pillows and duvet set from CHristySilver luxury pillow cases with white bedding throw Enigma collection Christy


Having already owned this design and experienced its luxurious comfort, Enigma Silver has to be my favourite range from the Autumn / Winter collection. The light presence, silky smooth cotton and contemporary detailing make this style easy to pair with other stronger feature colours or a welcome addition to a pre-decorated space. For those looking to keep the soft muted tones, the white chevron throw and pillow sham complete the set with an elegant pristine finish.

  Colourful floral bedding designs from ChristyHartford luxury floral bedding in purple and green from ChristyHartford floral bedding collection from Christy


The Hartford range accentuates all that is great with a floral print. Injecting much needed warm tones into a room, the design manages to capture a mixture of seasons, making it a rustic floral display that is perfect all year round. With a mixture of soft purples, greens and oranges, this design is at its best when similar tones have been selected to accessorise the room. Keep things simple and let the luxury of the bedding with its beautiful print do all the talking. 


Lisbon luxury silver coloured bedding collection from ChristyLuxury silver bedding from ChristySilver rustic luxury bed linen from Christy


Combining rustic charm with contemporary style, Lisbon has the perfect quantity of detailing and soft tones to make it a style suited for many a home. By pairing up with a dominant colour such as rich green (featured in the images above) Lisbon is transformed into a modern-day country retreat with lavish style. Using similar tones adds a softer elegance with feminine qualities, creating a room of tranquillity and calm, an example of just how diverse this range can be.


Clean simple white luxury bedding from ChristyLuxury bedding collections from Christy Cream and whiteMode Luxury bedding from Christy White Bed Linen


Sometimes less is more and there is nothing more beautiful than experiencing a bedroom with crisp white sheets. Mode Oyster takes on this concept whilst adding a soft and subtle tone to the mix to keep things warm and welcoming. Simple sheets are great for ever-changing styles, allowing you to sleep in luxury whilst easily transforming your surroundings with patterns, prints and colours. 

The featured designs are just four of a fantastic collection of bed linen sets. with a range of stunning colour palettes, quality fabrics and exclusive patterns, there is a design and level of luxury for everyone at Christy. To discover more and to view the complete collections, click to view the official Christy website. 


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