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Martyn White

Posted on April 24 2017

Christopher Jenner launches a new collection of contemporary ceramic homeware designs, inspired by an ancient tradition that adapts to the tea that you are drinking.

During this year's Salone del Mobile, Christopher Jenner launched a new collection of contemporary ceramic homeware designs, featuring a series of teaware, crockery and home accessory pieces. With a rich history and fascinating creation process, I had the great pleasure in meeting with Jenner himself to discuss the Yixing collection, design process and incredible journey it has taken to get from concept to the beautiful finished pieces on display, ready for the world to see. 

Christopher Jenner teaware Yixing collection MilanChristopher Jenner teawareYixing clay teaware collection Christopher Jenner

Created using the iconic purple Zisha clay from Yixing in Eastern China, the items take on a very distinct colouring that changes during the firing process. What is particularly impressive about this type clay is its ability to retain heat and slowly, over time, absorb oils and flavouring of the teas served within it, helping to enhance the flavour of the selected brew. The use of this clay has long been associated with tea, the properties being celebrated for tea brewing as far back at 960 A.D. It is this rich history and experience from Jenner's visit to China that inspired him to continue a remarkable ancient tradition, applying it to the contemporary Yixing collection.

Christopher Jenner YixingChristopher Jenner Clay YixingChristopher Jenner Clay Yixing collection

What I find so inspirational about these designs is their simplicity and connection to history. Jenner has not created a product that follows a trend or style, he has developed and collection that embraces its past and helps define its future. Penning the next chapter in history, new cultures and further generations can explore and enjoy Yixing as so many have done before them.

The collection is due for release Spring 2017, for further details on the designs and availability, visit the Yixing Ceramics website. For information and projects from the designer, visit the official Christopher Jenner website.


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