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Martyn White

Posted on December 13 2015

Adding character and style to a space in your home with some of my top selections from Lighting does more than illuminate a room.

Lighting is one of my favourite parts of a design. Not only is it a necessity to our lives, it is something that can completely transform a space and adjust out moods. When it comes to lighting in the home, the perfect design can make all the difference. Many people make the mistake of overlooking lighting when considering a design for their home but it is important to realise just how much of an impact it has on a space and how much we take it for granted. I have been discussing lighting with the wonderful people at to discover the different luxury designs they have available and just what they can do for a space. 

Anglepoise Type 74 Desk Lamp Paul Smith Edition Two

Classic office desk lamp from Paul Smith Paul Smith Office Desk Lamp

Whilst you can simply buy a light to illuminate a space, it is when you consider the design as a work of art or an accessory that you can really add character to a room. Lighting is always going to be seen so why not have some fun with it and add personality? The first design that caught my eye at Nest was this gorgeous Paul Smith collaboration with Anglepoise. Taking an iconic design and transforming it with bold colours are always going to stand out. Paul Smith doing what he does so well, adding a touch of the unknown and unusual to create a new take on a familiar item. -View-

Bocci 73.3 Pendant Light

modern fluid lighting pendant

Have something in a space that instantly captures your eye. Why just have a light when you can have a work of art? I could look at this Bocci Pendant light for hours. The mesmerising design has been created by blowing molten glass into a ceramic fabric shell, creating an intriguing glass fabric cloud. This design is not only great to look at but creates a beautiful manipulation of light that is reflected across the room to add dramatic patterns and depth to a space. -View-

Brokis Mona Pendant and Table Lighting

Mona Brokis lighting designs

I really love designs that go further than the shade itself. When taking in consideration of the light bulb itself, you can create incredible design masterpieces. The Brokis Mona pendant light and table lamp incorporate the bulb into their designs perfectly. The tubular diffuser creates a feature in itself whilst elegantly illuminating the hand blown glass outer shell. I think the contrasting shapes work together perfectly to create a fixture that appears incredibly abstract, floating weightlessly. -View-

Brokis Shadows Pendant Lighting

dark glass black lighting pendant from

The combination of multiple materials can create outstanding designs in lighting. A perfect example can be seen in the Brokis Shadows Pendant lights. The combination of wood and glass with their similar tones creates a very beautiful finish. The subtle texture of the wood grain almost looks soft to touch contrasts beautifully against the smooth glossy and brittle curves in the glass, creating an artistic partnership and perfect centrepiece to a room. -View-

Northern Lighting Say My Name Lighting

Northern Lighting Say My Name Lighting. Purple glass lighting

My final lighting selection is the Northern Lighting "Say My Name" Pendant and table lamp. I selected the design as it shows that simple can also have a dramatic presence in the home. This large sphere of hand-blown molten glass has an incredible colour to it, resembling the hues of the Nordic night sky which immediately draws the eye in. There is such a calming presence to this light that it makes a perfect addition to a dining or bedroom, illuminating softly to help create a warm and intimate surrounding. -View- really know how to select luxury and I am hugely impressed with the diversity of luxury lighting designs that they have to offer. To view more of the collection, click HERE to be taken to the official website. 


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