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Martyn White

Posted on January 12 2015

A brand with an understanding of luxury and a passion for furniture design and the materials that are used. Discover their latest collections and designs.

It is important in design to understand the materials that you are working with. A design can look great but, without the knowledge and understanding of how a material responds, a design can effectively be spoiled and lack the designer's original intentions. Whilst this is a common occurrence with furniture design, it is not one to happen at Brabbu. All the items produced have an intricate relationship, a greater depth and connection with the materials that have been used in their construction. These relationships between design and material can be seen from the unique and alluring finishes that we see on completed items. It is this detail that excels Brabbu above other brands and makes it a leader in true luxury design. I have selected just five key items below that I believe represent the true ability of Brabbu design.
Brabbu Horus gold modern chandelier lighting
Creating a striking focal point in any room, the Horus suspension light has an incredibly unique look to it. As with all products from Brabbu, there is a fantastic relationship with between the material and design. The matt brass appears soft and subtle to the eye, adding the feeling of grandeur. The black lacquered arms, in contrast, create a strong, hardier feel to the light which balances out to create an object of impeccable beauty. Undoubtedly, this suspension light would create a stunning centrepiece to a dining room however, I feel that this light would also look great in an entrance hall or large living space. The subtlety of the brass allows this fixture to stand out yet not overpower other items in the room making it incredibly easy to adapt to many different styles of decoration. A must-have item from Brabbu.
Brabbu Blue Eanda armchair
The Eanda armchair has a very elegant design that mixes traditional with contemporary. With simple shapes and soft curves, the detailing is concentrated to the back of the chair and its arms. The piping design and ebony veneer legs attribute to the traditional side of the design, whilst the simple shapes and soft curvature create a contemporary feel. The combination of styles define the chair and make it suited to a modern way of living, adding a touch of luxury to any room it will reside in. Whilst the fabric is custom, the colour imaged above is mesmerising, suiting the design perfectly. The Eanda armchair would make a great addition to a living room, study or library, a perfect place to relax and reminisce.
Brabbu gold koi fish scale side table with stone top
The whole Koi range has such an intriguing design. Inspired by Japanese culture, the pattern of the base seems to represent fish scales, some covered and others exposed. I really love the process of creation, which you can see in the video at the end. The exposed welding and distressing of the material creates a product that is effortlessly beautiful that would make a welcome addition to many interior spaces. The item is highly customisable and can easily be paired with other furniture from the range such as the screen, centre table and stool to create a tranquil interior, perfect when returning from a busy day.
Brabbu Kyan rusted industrial side table
Modern, edgy and raw, the Kyan console represents materials as they are. Inspired by the Beijing skyline, it is described as a piece of artwork that tells a story with an unfinished end, like the development and evolution of the city. The console is a personal favourite of mine as it exposes a raw and undressed material which creates a beautiful object. The item has so much to offer and seems to absorb its surroundings to create an ever-changing design. The item essentially is an unfinished story that you get to help continue and make your own. The Kyan console would make a fantastic addition to a living or dining room, surrounded by personal possessions to add to its character and charm.
Brabbu brass Sequoia island coffee table
The final item in my selection is this astonishing Sequoia centre table (or coffee table). Continuing Brabbu's mission of connecting and representing nature, the centre table represents the trunk of a tree and the contrasting veneer top shows the passage and journey through the years. This is such an impressive design, something that is rarely seen as an item of furniture. The table looks completely different from every angle, casting and reflecting irregular patterns and shadows as it's surroundings change. Sequoia speaks for itself, full of character and exceptionally beautiful, the centre table would make a perfect focal point to a living space for all to admire.

Each item in the range follows a unique journey and has its own story to tell which Brabbu invites you to join and experience. It is exhilarating to see a brand that not only designs a product but develops a story and creates a character. This involvement and dedication create a new genre of furniture design, one that thinks beyond an interior and into a lifestyle. With individual designs and extreme passion, I look forward to seeing what this brand has to offer in the future, from the furniture it produces to the stored that it creates, so many more journeys yet to be made.

Click the link to view the full range of Brabbu products and to discover more about the brand and its designs. I also wanted to share the video below as it displays just some of the techniques used in the creation of their designs.


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