Boca Do Lobo: Exclusive Character

Martyn White

Posted on April 01 2015

Exclusive designs from Boca Do Lobo, challenging perceptions and creating artistic sculptural forms for the home to be cherished and admired. 

Furniture so exclusive and unique, you can tell where it is from in a glance. I have such an admiration for designs that aren't afraid to be different, multifunctional works of art that tell a story from every angle. Boca Do Lobo is a personal favourite of mine, one of very few that you cannot wait to open the furniture up to discover more because you know the inside is going to be just as exciting as the outside.


Pixel Cabinet from Boca Do Lobo

There is only one word for the Pixel cabinet, "mesmerising". What reminds me of a very large and complex Rubix cube is undoubtedly a work of art. Unsurprisingly, the name of the cabinet is in reference to the multitude of colours on display that appear to create a blur of beautiful images, fueled by the imagination of the mind.

Boca Do Lobo pixel cabinet mirrored detail

The inside of the cabinet tells a completely different story, one of elegance, quality and grace. The doors open to reveal an interior almost completely covered in vintage mirror, creating a striking yet contrasting personality to that of the outside. Each design is completely unique with the use of different patterns and materials, adding a personal touch and an individual story.


If I could only select one item from the Boco Do Lobo range to own, it would be the Diamond Sideboard in Emerald. Everything about the design represents ultimate luxury in the way that only a jewel would. The outside is finished in silver leaf, coloured to a captivating emerald shade, whilst the inside of the sideboard has been finished entirely in gold leaf.

Green diamond sideboard from Boca Do LoboEmerald furniture design boca do lobo

The design represents a jewel in a variety of ways, from the glimmering finish that manipulates and reflects light to the cut and shape of the object, resembling a cut and polished precious gem. Whilst in the description this piece sounds loud and dominant, the sideboard manages to uphold a sophistication and charm, allowing it not to overshadow a room with other features.


An incredibly striking work of art, designed to mix modern and classical elements, creating a bar cabinet that is sure to turn heads. This statement piece has such a complexity and beauty to its construction that you will forever be discovering a new detail and character building to the personality.

Bronze oblong cabinet from Boca Do Lobo

The strong musical references in this item remind me of a grand organ with its prominent pipes on display for all to see, yet from other angles, references to classic brass musical instruments working together to create a presence. Unlike my other selections, a similar theme is continued on the inside of the cabinet, allowing a story to evolve.

Bronze oblong cabinet detail from Boca Do Lobo

These three remarkable designs are completely different to each other, yet all represent the same passion and understanding of design and luxury. I always say that you should not be afraid to be different when decorating or furnishing a living space and these items are perfect examples of what can be achieved when the rules and constraints have been removed.


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