Blackbody: designjunction 2017

Martyn White

Posted on October 10 2017

Blackbody returned for another year at designjunction, showcasing an impressive collaboration with French porcelain brand Haviland to create porcelain lighting designs with a luxurious touch.

After featuring the Blackbody stand at last year's designjunction, I was thrilled to hear that they were returning for another year and could not wait to see what they had in store for the festival. Exhibiting their iconic LED lighting designs in two tall cube containers, it was seconds before the crowds were drawn in to take photos and discover more about the designs and the company's very special collaboration with French porcelain brand Haviland.

Blackbody lighting and Haviland CollaborationBlackbody lighting and Haviland Collaboration designjunctionBlackbody lighting and Haviland teaware CollaborationBlackbody lighting and Haviland light installation

Creating a series of porcelain shades with intricate gold detailing, Haviland has replicated the opulent designs seen within their crockery and tea set collections and applied it in an entirely different way to create a unique product. Merging tradition with modern technology, we get to witness 'Lustre Helene - Light X Porcelain' a marriage of two inspirational companies.

The lighting design collaboration groups together a series of porcelain shades into the shape of a traditional chandelier shape, a signature style from the lighting company, showcasing the possibilities and bespoke shapes that can be used to transform almost any space into a work of art.

Blackbody lighting installation designjunction 2017Blackbody lighting and mirror installation designjunction 2017Blackbody circular mirror light designjunction 2017Blackbody lighting installation designjunction 2017

The second container exhibited the instantly recognisable classic Blackbody designs that we have all fallen in love with, from the ultra-slim circular pendant lights to the show-stealing 'Lucky Eye' wall lamp and mirror.  This space provided the perfect photo opportunity with the passing crowds, interacting with the products and taking photos in the curved reflective surface of the mirrors. Now available in two sizes, the largest design can be seen on the front facing wall whilst the two smaller mirrors were positioned either side to create a very striking and mesmerisingly beautiful display.

For further details on the collections featured, click to view the official Blackbody website via the link.


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