Bisque Radiators: The new feature of the home

Martyn White

Posted on February 10 2017

Stop hiding the radiator in the room and make it a feature. Discover the collection of Bisque Radiators that add a sculptural level of luxury to the home. 

When it comes to decorating the home, many of you will understand the pain of the radiator. Often a large bulky sheet of metal that obstructs furniture, many of us just want to hide them away and ignore their existence. The issue with many radiators is that they were never designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Their only purpose is to heat the home and for this reason, are generally painted white to match the woodwork or camouflaged into the wall by using the same colour.  

Black industrial style floor radiator from Bisque Radiators blacj floor radiator in industrial style from Bisque Radiators

The reality is that unless you live in a hot country, your home is going to need heating. Whilst an alternative can be to convert to underfloor heating, I believe that there is an easier and more beautiful solution. By changing our approach to the radiator, we can make it a feature within a space, creating an object of beauty that compliments the overall design. Obviously, this is very difficult with the generic designs seen in many of today's housing and for this reason, I have selected Bisque Radiators as the perfect company to help create what I like to call "heated sculptures" for the home. 

Luxury bathroom tall black radiator from Bisque radiators Tall black towel radiator for the luxury bathroom

You can never go wrong with a classic and the first two images prove just that with the beautiful anthracite finish of the classic radiator. The design is one that reminds me of historic buildings with grand finishes, a traditional beauty that no longer has to be forgotten. The black works so well in this space as it works in complete contrast to the light, natural tones of the room. The design does not detract from the window view but creates a striking divide once the eye is brought back into the room, bringing the eye down to appreciate the full height of the window. The classic radiator is available in a staggering thirty-eight stock sizes, ensuring that every window and wall is fitted perfectly.

Black industrial tall radiator by Bisque radiators

The classic design is also an excellent choice for the bathroom, transforming into a contemporary towel radiator with a huge visual impact. For any larger rooms, the taller designs create such striking features as you can see in the images above. What better way to show off your new radiators than displaying them at eye level for everyone to appreciate, it really does work. If you are looking for something with a little bit more extravagance, 

If you are looking for something with a little bit more extravagance then my next choice "Tetro" is the one for you. Featured directly above, you will notice the elegant Italian detailing on the ends of each radiator bar. Floor models also come with asymmetric feet to channel the design of the original cast iron radiators. It is these small features that are so quickly picked up that add a new level of luxury to the home. 

Thin slat aluminium coloured radiator

My final design selection is one for the contemporary design lover. With its clean lines and simple form, Finn is a hugely popular choice for the modern home. I particularly love the design in aluminium finish as it is great to see a radiator in a non-standard finish, complimenting a colourful home such as the Stoney Blue coloured walls featured above. What's more, this radiator design can be purchased in over eight hundred made to order sizes! No room is too large or small for this company and there are no excuses not to upgrade next time you decorate the home. 

For the full range of products, finishes and specifications, visit the Bisque Radiators website for further details. 


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