Antonio Aricò: Still Alive

Martyn White

Posted on December 20 2015

A design that appears to be something that is entirely different. Discover the creation "Still Alive" a fun and fresh take on still life by Antonio Aricò.

"Still Alive" is an incredible collection of designs from Antonio Aricò that are not entirely what they appear to be at first glance. The best designs always have a fascinating story behind them, a journey and inspiration that has helped shape them into the incredible and captivating products that we see in their final draft. Still Alive is no exception to this rule and it has been a pleasure learning exactly what it is about.


Released at Design Miami 2015 for the Italian design brand Seletti, Antonio Aricò has created a striking and very different style of desk-tidy. A collection of small storage items in different shapes, sizes and materials, perfect for keeping your desk possessions organised and tidy whilst taking on the form of a still-life painting. 

Antonio Aricò Still alive Brass cup and wooden storage boxes

Inspired by still life, Aricò wanted to mix together and work with inanimate objects and natural shapes in combinations usually related to artists. This mix of two genres creates a very striking and playfully interactive design that opens up and transforms at the touch of your fingertips. 


Something that really appeals to me in this design is the beautiful variation of materials used. Not only does each item look entirely different to the next, each design incorporates a completely different material and finish. Juxtaposing these variants together creates an item that allows you to interact with each object in different ways. Antonio AricòStill Alive storage glass paper weight and brass cup

"Still Alive" consists of a tall terracotta pitcher, the tallest in the collection, perfect for holding larger desk objects such as scissors and rulers. There is a two-tone vase with a cork stopper that splits into three separate compartments. The vase is a brilliant design for holding the smaller desk objects such as paper clips and pins. 

Antonio Aricò Still Alive storage and desk tidy

The smooth and elegant brass cup design can be used for storing pens and pencils, easily accessible for regular use. The white wooden box allows you to keep your favourite pens and stationary safe. These items can be stored away for safe keeping but easily accessed by the box's removable lid.

Antonio Aricò Still Alive dec tidy and still life design

The porcelain bottle is the perfect decorative addition to a desk which can be accessorised with a simple single stem flower, adding natural beauty to your surroundings. The cone-shaped Caladon resin storage container has your personal treasures in mind. This particular object has the most intriguing finish that resembles a slightly textured stone.

Antonio Aricò Still Alive storage items for Italian design brand Seletti Design Miami 2015

The final object is the multi-use glass sphere. Whilst you can guess that it's first use is a paperweight, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that it also doubles up as a magnifying glass for the hard to read the small print that we always receive on papers. These seven unique designs all rest on a carved wooden base, conveniently marking out the place of each item to create the original still life inspired design. 

modern still life styled desk tidy designed by Antonio Aricò  for Seletti

It is always refreshing to see a fun and vibrant designs such as "Still Alive". Design and creativity are always at its best when we are expressing character, having fun and experimenting with materials and finishes. Antonio Aricò has captured objects that are very familiar with most of us but upon closer inspection, transform in ways that are unusual and exciting. "Still Alive" has a serious side as well as a playful one, both that I cannot wait to get my hands on and discover more!

To discover more designs from Antonio Aricò, click HERE to visit the official website. The "Still Alive" collection is available to purchase via Seletti, find out more information by visiting their website HERE.


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