Anna Monich: Contrasts That Work

Martyn White

Posted on June 21 2017

Anna Monich takes over the Timothy Langston antiques store in Belgravia to showcase "Contrasts that Work" a multi-sensory design experience. 

One of the reasons why I love London so much is the diversity that it offers. From the different cultures, backgrounds, and ways of life, they all come together, sharing ideas and inspiration to create something new. People create, progress and inspire further generations, constantly adding layers to an incredible city that we can often take for granted. This is the same concept that came to mind when attending Anna Monich's "Contrasts that Work" event at the Timothy Langston fine art and antiques store on Pimlico Road. Combining multiple designs, styles, and even senses to create a unique experience.

Anna Monich and Timothy Langston Contrasts that workContrasts that work by Anna MonichContrasts that work mixing fashion with interior design

Styling the two main spaces of the store to a theme that perfectly captures Anna's aesthetic has been named 'Contrasts that work'. This approach to building up contrasting layers to achieve a unique style embodies the diversity of design and, not only represents Monich's personality but one of her upbringing and experience. Being born in Ukraine and having lived in many countries from the US to Prague, Estonia and now the UK, there is a greater understanding and appreciation of wider design. As an interior designer, Anna has been able to express these contrasts in different forms, particularly by marrying old pieces that are full of character and charm with modern designs that challenge perceptions. 

Anna Monich Contrasts that work eventSample bags in coloured fabricsFashion, Interior Design, furniture and antiques

Inspired by the creations of the late Zaha Hadid, contemporary fashion elements designed by Judy Wu were introduced into the space, standing alongside antique furniture and vintage paintings that feature an entirely different form of fashion. A DJ played a set during the evening of house lounge music, with decks and equipment laid out on an 18th Century chest of drawers. Floral arrangements from Wild at Heart were selected to extract the colours from each vignette, whilst a homely scent was introduced to enhance the ambience of the space and provide further depth of experience. 

Anna Monich Contrasts that WorkBust with chanpagneAnna Monich Contrasts that work

The Contrasts that Work evening event was such a great showcase, demonstrating the connections and language between contemporary and antique pieces. This area of design is one that people tend to shy away from as they perceive it to be too complex and challenging, however as Anna Monich has shared within her own Interior Design projects and events, with the correct understanding and application, the results can be impressive.

For further information on any of the brands and designers involved in the Contrasts that Work event, please see the following: Timothy Langston -  Fine Arts and Antiques, Wild at Heart - florist, Judy Wu - women’s clothing designer and Whisper lifestyle concierge.The event was organised by Anna Monich, Interior Designer to communicate and showcase her design style and aesthetic.


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