AB Concept x Tai Ping: Nephele

Martyn White

Posted on January 30 2018

Design duo Ed Ng and Terence Ngan of studio AB Concept join forces with tailor-made rug specialists Tai Ping to create ‘Nephele’, an exclusive collection of rug designs. 

Showcasing their incredible collaboration with Tai Ping during this year's Maison & Objet and DecoOff, design duo Ed Ng and Terence Ngan of Studio AB Concept present 'Nephele' a mesmerising collection of handcrafted pieces, each with a unique personality and charm. Similar to couture collection associated with a fashion house, each design has been crafted entirely by hand, from the weaving and dying to the carving and embroidery detailing, often taking months to complete to ensure the highest quality and exclusivity. 

Ed Ng and Terence Ngan AB Concept collaboration with Tai Ping

The collection is named 'Nephele’ after the Greek nymph moulded out of clouds by Zeus. Their inspiration comes from the long journeys and time that Ed Ng and Terence Ngan have spent travelling across the globe as they set up and develop their design practice on an international scale. The impressive views from the plane window and the ever-changing landscapes of the world during different times of the day have been captured within four very impressive rug designs. 

From top to bottom: Polis, Oread, Syrinx and Boreas 

AB Concept and Tai Ping CollaborationAB Concept and Tai Ping CollaborationAB Concept and Tai Ping Collaboration

Polis & Oread 

Polis represents a magical midnight city-inspired scene. The winding rivers and roads that shape our cities have been picked out in a golden Glosilk, portraying a dramatic, twinkling scene when viewed from above. The rug itself has been created in rich shades of purple, a gradient that lightens as it reaches the centre and heart of the cityscape.

Oread portrays a midday setting of the Hong Kong Bay with its delicate blue hues and white waves accompanied by mountains draped in soft clouds, almost delicate to touch. This moment of calmness has been captured in an elegant rug design with impressive sculpted detail work that adds texture and beauty on a grand scale. 

AB Concept and Tai Ping CollaborationAB Concept and Tai Ping CollaborationAB Concept and Tai Ping Collaboration

Syrinx & Boreas

Syrinx is an ode to the ballet performed by wind-blown grasses of the prairie and steppe at sunrise; the grass is represented by an embroidered celadon silk ribbon that runs through the design. There is such a depth and movement to this piece that it directs the eye around the design in a swirling motion, just like the dance of the wind.   

Boreas reflects the ever-shifting icebergs of Antarctica in the most subtle nuances of white. The design also forces us to face the fragile state of our planet with a new outlook on one of its most vulnerable elements.

Each design captures a remarkable moment in time, showcasing how beautiful but also how vulnerable our world is. The collection challenges craftsmanship, each rug requiring an exceptional amount of skill and time to complete, a testament to Tai Ping's ability to produce works at the highest level. With Nephele already proving to be a huge hit, I cannot wait to see how this collection evolves and is applied to interior designs across the globe. 

For further details and project information on Ed Ng & Terence Ngan, visit the official AB Concept website. Details on the collaboration can be found via the official Tai Ping website via the link.


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