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Martyn White

Posted on November 30 2015

Inspiration and decorating ideas from the latest Marks and Spencer Winter Season collection. Discover the range of mesmerising prints and designs.

The Autumn / Winter collections have been incredibly exciting this year with many brands offering a diverse selection of styles and products for us to enjoy. I am delighted to see that there has been such a focus on material, texture and detailing, adding vibrant character to home accessories and furnishings. One brand that I have been overwhelmed with this season is Marks & Spencer, offering an incredible selection of stand out accessories and incredible prints. 

Marks and Spencer new season collection embroidered cushions in dark blue roomFloral cross stitch cushion from Marks and Spencer Home

This season is about returning to colour, comfort and detailed patterns but in a simple and sophisticated way. It is okay to mix and combine patterns but as you will see from the impressive imagery from Marks and Spencer this season, these patterns and details are supported by bold tones and elegant materials such as brass, coloured glass and lacquered surfaces.

purple and brass home decorating accessories from Marks and Spencer Homegold brass lotus flower ceiling pendant lighting from Marks and Spancer

With such a wide collection of inspirational products, I have selected one key object from each interior image that I really think sums up the collection and can easily transform a space in your home. Rich purples and blues accompanied by the beautiful finish of brass has to be a favourite look from the season and collection. Copper has been an incredibly popular choice for some time now but we are starting to see a shift towards brass which works particularly well against rich greens, blues and purples. 

Modern Rustic interior design, new season collection from Marks and Spencer HomeLarge hobnail lidded bottle in pink glass from Marks and Spencer

As you can see from the images immediately above, the bedroom has a beautiful mix of patterns, prints and colours that work perfectly together with each other. When selecting and combining patterns and colours, the easiest way to create a look is by pulling out three dominant colours from your favourite print to accessorise and decorate the room. In the case of the space above, there is a focus around blue, brown and red which have been pulled from the bedding pattern and replicated in the rug, stool and cushions. 

Marks and Spencer Home new season collection blue sofa and green wallpaperCharleston mantel clock art deco from Marks and Spencer

I absolutely love the space above with its striking prints and mesmerising colour selection. Whilst it looks like there is a lot going on in this space, it is relatively simple and creates an incredible look. The Brass fixtures play an important part in structuring the room. They create the shape and add a focus, softening the appearance of the patterned wallpaper. Similar patterns and colours are reflected in the smaller chairs in the room, keeping the main sofa simple and bold, accessorising with one patterned cushion to connect the three chairs. 

soft purple home interior decoration bathroom and home accessories from Marks and Spencerlight pink keepsake bird print towels from Marks and Spencer

The washed-down purple wall in the bathroom acts as a fantastic feature. It is important to stay true to a room and if the canvas you are working on has striking materials, beautiful original features or character to make sure that these are exposed to enhance the room. Accessories such as the towels and shower curtain feed from the colours off the character wall but have their own patterns and designs to them. As there are large blocks of colour in the room, it is easy to experiment and display more extravagant and detailed prints. 

scandinavian style dining space and modern art deco space from Marks and Spencer homeTurquoise Tribeca dinner set from Marks and Spencer crockery plates and bowls

The Scandinavian design has also been a very popular choice of style for a few seasons now. It is great to see a "less is more" approach to styling where there is a direct focus on the quality of materials and an exposure to the natural beauty of them. Surrounded by walls of white, it is the colours extracted from the natural woods and furniture finishes that colour the room. Small injections of vibrant colour are added through crockery, accessories and light fittings.

Natural living space home decoration from Marks and Spencer yellow mirrored butterfly print cushion ochre from Marks and Spencer Home AW15

Keeping within the Scandinavian style is a softened approach to living room styling. By having such simple surroundings, it is possible to work with and combine many prints and patterns together. As you can see from the living space above, there are eight patterns and prints used. Working with a simple palette of colours such as yellow, grey and black, it is possible to link the accessories together. Our eyes see the simple choice of colours and accept the style as one. 

To view the full range from Marks and Spencer Home, click HERE to be taken to the website. Further details on my product selection can be seen below. 

Selection from top to bottom: Floral Cross Stitch Cushion (Pink Mix) | Lotus Ceiling Pendant (Gold Mix) | Large Hobnail Lidded Bottle (Pink) | Charleston Square Wall Clock (Gold Mix) | Keepsake Bird Print Towel (Pink Mix) | 12 Piece Tribeca Box Dinner Set (Turquoise) | Mirrored Butterfly Cushion (Ochre) 


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