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Martyn White

Posted on November 01 2015

Resident, a New Zealand furniture and lighting company with an eye for quality and modern luxury. I share with you some of my favourite Resident designs.

I discovered Resident quite recently whilst attending the Multiplex event. What attracted me to the designs was the seamlessness of each product. The simplicity of each design allows the product to showcase the quality of material used and the beauty of its construction. With a beautiful collection of lighting and furniture designs to choose from, I have selected just a few products to show the incredible beauty of the brand.

Mesh Space Pendant by Flynn Talbot

Resident NZ Mesh Space Pendant by Flynn Talbot Resident Mesh Space Pendant by Flynn Talbot

A personal favourite, the Mesh Space Pendant, created by Flynn Talbot is a very elegant design. Suspended on thin wires, the pendant light has an almost weightless appearance. The halo of warm lighting at its edge is captured and diffused by a sculptural mesh dome. This design enhances the use of light whilst creating an elegant abstract feature to a room.

Tangerine Chair by Simon James

Resident Tangerine Chair by Simon JamesResident Tangerine chair by Simon JamesResident Tangerine chair wooden detail by Simon James

The Tangerine chair by Simon James is a timeless design, easily adaptable to many styles and spaces. The design embraces its material of construction, making the most from the wood grain, creating a subtle and beautiful characteristic to the product. Available in natural oak and black stain finishes, the chair is the perfect style to mix and match, creating that increasingly popular miss match dining set that we are seeing in many spaces.

Scholar Table by Cameron Foggo

Resident Scholar Table by Cameron FoggoResident Scholar Table design by Cameron Foggo

A design that helps you appreciate the true beauty of the materials used, the Scholar Table by Cameron Foggo is another personal favourite of mine. I love how unrestricted the table feels, no layers, connections or unfinished surfaces. The design looks great from every angle and the legs of the table look fantastic in their contrasting black finish. 

Eccentric Mobile by Jamie McLellan

Resident Eccentric Mobile by Jamie McLellan

Resident Eccentric Mobile in multiple colours by Jamie McLellan

My final design of choice is the Eccentric Mobile by Jamie McLellan. It is refreshing to see a furniture brand creating designs just for their artistic contributions. Whilst there are many mobile designs available to purchase, they usually come across cheap and unimaginative. The construction and movements that have been developed for this work of art put this design into a new category. Whilst the design is asymmetrical, the mobile is perfectly balanced, each part moving independently on embedded micro bearings to allow for a smooth and ever-changing movement. 

To discover more from Resident and to view their full catalogue, click HERE to be taken to their website.



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