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Martyn White

Posted on May 31 2016

Selecting key designs from the Camerich collection to discuss how they connect with our lifestyles and design choices.

Living rooms are one of my favourite spaces to design but can also be one of the most difficult depending on its use. Many of us would associate a living room with a place to relax after a hard days work but these spaces are in most of our lives have to be designed for more than relaxing in. As the name of the room suggests, we live in this space, spending more time in the living room than any other in the house. When designing a living space we need to design it for our lifestyles, not only making them look great but functional also. 

Luxury contemporary furniture from Camerich

Era curved edge coffee table from Camerich

I wanted to share with you a brand that has an impressive collection of sofas and living furniture. I love the designs from Camerich because they are so adaptable and customisable, creating the perfect fit for any lifestyle. As we all know when we visit friends and family, every living space is a different shape and size, meaning that the sofa you fall in love with may not fit correctly into your home. Camerich has come up with a simple solution though and have given you the option of selecting a style and then selecting the shape and size after! In my latest post, I have selected three images that I have fallen in love with from the brand, perfect inspiration images each with my favourite design from each. 

Luxury contemporary interior design inspiration and furniture from CamerichBlack leather contemporary modern sofa from Camerich

The first interior image selected at the top is such an incredible space. Light and neutral tones, enhanced by the floor to ceiling balcony doors make this room a fantastic multi-use space. The Era sofa and coffee tables work like a dream in this room. Both designs easily adapt to the space and can be reconfigured depending on their uses. Designed to compliment one another, a favourite feature is the Era console that can be used to divide the sofa and act as a side table for your laptop or drinks.

The second feature image is all about monochromatic style and masculinity. I love the traditional panelling and surroundings which the Moodie sofa fits perfectly into. I selected this model for its simple structured appearance and beautiful presence in the space. Monochromatic design working brilliantly with a design that is not overpowering yet can still become a feature in itself. 

Luxury modern living interior design and furniture inspirationGrey contemporary upholstered sofa Lazytime Plus from Camerich

The final feature image and product pick had to be the Lazytime Plus corner sofa. It is a great sofa that can be easily customised with multiple cushions and fabric finishes. A sofa that you can curl up on whilst nestling amongst the cushions, sit and chat with friends and spend much needed time with the family. I have a slight obsession with L shaped sofas after spending a huge amount of time looking for one myself. The Lazytime Plus definitely ticks all my boxes for comfort, contemporary style and adaptability.


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*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Camerich to promote their latest designs

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